Terra Selvatica – Wild earth

Magic of pure nature

Retreat Center and Agriturismo

Place of contemplation and change

Welcome to Terra Selvatica. The place where magic of nature is unfolding in a free and uncontaminated way. The place where you forget about time, where you dive deep within, let go. Where you are curious about life and yourself and where you re-discover the simplicity of pure being.

Where life in all its forms and expressions is honored and cherished. Where you are able to meet you and others in a new way.

Life in the countryside has its own undescribable magic that can only be lived and experienced. Wind, rain, sun on your skin, dirt underneath your fingernails, fresh fruit and vegetable. Touch the earth, the bark of a tree, with frost on the leaves. Dragon flies, chirping of the birds, the bellow of the deer. Smells of thyme, rosemary and broom. A blaze of color. Width. Softness. Stillness. And the ost beautiful sunsets of Umbria.

All this can be part of your time at Terra Selvatica. And so much more. Our offers go from tailor made retreats to simply bed&breakfast. Our kitchen sessions are most famous – it is a time and a frame where while doing we experience being and the deepest truths may surface and where there is always a good laughter.

Terra Selvatica is not just a power place and a place of deep magic – it is a life style. Including all aspects of life and embracing them. A life style that combines a deep commitment to nature, to the earth and where self supply and sustainability, conscious awareness and respect to all living beings is practiced.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Un cordiale benvenuto!

Terra Selvatica Team


Patricia – Keeper of Terra Selvatica

Keeper of the land and the earth, of unspoiled nature. Keeper of the magic and the mystery that are so tangible at Terra Selvatica. 

Tired of civilization and city life she decided 10 years ago to go for her dreams and visions about a holistic life in communion with nature. Dreams about a conscious and regardful life in connection with herself and all there is. Dreams about being an integrative part of the cycles  of life. Dreams about self supply and sustainability, independence, autarchy. Dreams about living in community, in a respectful and conscious togetherness. Dreams about a little retreat and meeting center where people can experience the here and now and let themselves fall into it.

“My wish is to welcome people here at Terra Selvatica who want to live in a different way. Who are looking for new ideas and a new alignment and who are deeply interested in change and transformation.”


Brings 30 years of community living and the wisdom that goes along with it to Terra Selvatica. She is a really good  companion for deep inner processes and loves dancing.


Is on one side our joker lady and handles all “to dos” with elegance and precision and on the other hand our resting pole. Very innovative in garden and kitchen.

Florian, Marina, Iara, Luana, Bella

Florian has the overview, Marina is weaving the future and the children are allowed to be just children.


Donkey- and tree whisperer.  With humbleness and devotion He is taking care of all agricultural matter. He transforms old into new and prefers repairing than buying.

Chicca und Toto

The most loyal companions on long walks. One could think that they are endlessly replicable because they seem to be everywhere at the same time.


Silent retreat

Silent retreat

9th to 13th of September
Silence allows deep sinking in. Sinking into one self, the inner secrets, the inner wisdom, the own inner magic.

A holistic view of life

A holistic view of life

We believe in LIFE.
In all its forms.
All its expressions.
Its continuity.
Its facility to adapt, grow and move on.
Without fear.

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