Summer Academy 2024

      Summer academy means a time of togetherness, exchange and inspiration. We offer several weekly themes in seminar style that the whole Terra Selvatica team is accompanying.  At the same time there is a lot of space for the initiative and ideas of participants. We welcome co-creation.

      For our first edition of the summer academy we propose the following schedule:


      24th to 28th  Juni (5 days) Silent retreat
      29th June to 7th July Sangha experience
      8th to 12th July (5 days) Come into life
      13th to 21st July Sangha experience
      22nd to 26th July (5 days) Movement out of silence
      27th July to 4th August Sangha experience
      5th to 11th August (7 days) Innovative youth and the wisdom of the elders
      26th to 30th August (5 days) Monte Verità


      All modules have this in common:

      • morning meditation
      • daily group sessions and sharing rounds
      • intermittent fasting (lunch and dinner)
      • co-working in the garden, the land or the kitchen
      • a lot of time in nature, nature rituals
      • there is the possibility to bring your own tent for camping in nature. Saves money.
      • depending on the weather time around the fire 
      • music and dance

      Silent retreat 24th to 28th of June

      Silence allows deep sinking in. Sinking into one self, into the inner secrets, the inner wisdom, the own inner magic. Silence allows to experience the senses more profoundly. Smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing become more intense. Silence allows to practice the intimacy and innocence of nature. Time for self reflexion. Contemplation. Free space. Emptiness, the void. Width.

      No excursions, no phone, no computer, no distraction.

      There will be two group meditations per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  After the morning meditation we have a sharing round and exchange about intentions or alignments for the day. The rest of  the day including the meals will be in silence. On request we offer stretching and body flow in the morning. 

      Rates from  € 400  per person for the 5 days, lodging in the main building.  


      Sangha experience 29th June to 7th July, 13th to 21st July and 27th July to 4th August

      Togetherness. We live together, cook together, work in the garden and on the land, make preserves, meditate, dance – and simply follow the flow. Open for ideas, impulses, suggestions from each member of the community. In combination with one of the courses of the summer academy each extra sangha day costs € 40. If you just want to live the sangha experience count with € 70 to € 95 per day depending on the room choice. 


      Come into life 8th to 12th July

      In these 5 days you can explore your own birth or your life before birth as well as bring into life new projects or visions. Or you just unleash and free your full life energy. You will have the opportunity to discover your early imprints which have their origin in the very first moments of your becoming and understand how they designed your life. To recognize them gives you the possibility to make peace with them, free them and make new choices. Or you investigate what is blocking you to fully be who you really are and free yourself from it. Come into your life!!

      These experiential days are guided by Patricia who is trained in pre- and perinatal trauma therapy. The explorations are very body centered and work with the cell memory. We will work with old patterns and belief systems and verify which ones are still useful and which ones to let go of. To open to a new life.

      Rates from € 520 / 5 days. Lodging in the main building.


      Movement out of silence 22nd to 26th July

      Become silent and listen within and without
      Receive the breeze of the unknown 
      You dive into the well of your being
      From there you allow your soul to speak through movement

      Mishka is guiding these 5 days of exploration of your movements and impulses anchored in divine ground and nothingness. We discover the New, the unknown, spend a lot of time in nature and open ourselves to the inner and outer wisdom. We will also explore movement in the water. 

      With her fascination for movement, her training as a body-psycho-therapist and a Aqua Wellness practitioner Mishka is leading you to a new connection and a new sense for your body and your whole being. 

      Rates from € 520  / 5 days. Lodging in the main building.


      Innovative youth and the wisdom of the elders  5th to 11th August

      A multi generational week for those who look for exchange, inspiration, “cross-pollination”. How can the life experience of the elders support and be of importance for  the younger generation? And how can the innocence and the drive of the younger people affect the older generation to build a new world all together?

      This is a week to be created together. The Terra Selvatica team will hold space and the frame for an easy flow during the week. Of course there will be speaking circles, rituals, meditations, group sessions and a lot of time in nature. Time alone, time with others, time to dance, sing – and whatever shows up. We are open for new experiences.

      We also encourage families with small children to join because we want to elaborate on the twist of “our kids are our teachers”. On one side they teach us so much about ourselves and on the other hand we are showing them how “life works on planet earth”. How are we dealing with the innocence and divinity of our children? What means “education to freedom”? How can adults take responsibility for their feelings and not project them on to their children?

      Rates from € 550 / week for rooms in the main building

      For those sleeping in own tent from € 180 / week 


      Monte Verità 26th to 30th August 

      The energy of these days is remembering the original „monte verità“ in Ticino (CH), a mountain, that was visited around 1900 by people who were interested in a different and alternative life style and community. Artists like Hermann Hesse or Erich Maria Remarque were meeting there. Main themes on the monte verità were self reflexion, self supply, nutrition, art, autarchy and freedom from false authorities.

      We honor the free thinkers of that time on monte verità, the mountain of truth, by finding out about our own truth and how we want to live it. During these days we will get inspiration from quotations and texts and delve for the deeper sense within. There is space to write, to journal, to paint, draw or find your personal expression of your truth and freedom.

      Rates from € 400 per person for 5 days. Lodging in the main building


      A new kind of sharing

      We would like to invite for a new kind of sharing in order that everybody who feels attracted by the summer acadamy can join. If you have the means to pay more, than this gives the possibility for another to participate in the program. Like that we can support people who feel ready for transformation. Thank you for helping to weave a supporting net where everybody gives and takes as they are able to!