A holistic view of life – statement

We believe in LIFE.
In all its forms.
All its expressions.
Its continuity.
Its facility to adapt, grow and move on.
Without fear.

We believe in freedom.
Freedom of speech.
Freedom of breathing fresh air.
Freedom to choose.
To share.
Be together.
Be human.
Without fear.

We believe in self responsibility.
That means in the first place have an opinion.
A self made opinion.
Based on real information.
Based on our own intuition and intellect, our mind.
Based on our heart wisdom.
Because within we know.
Deeply know and feel what is right for us.
And if we don’t, it means we are disconnected.
It means that we have chosen fear.

Disconnection is the actual disease.
Not any virus or flue.
Not any pandemic measures.
Just simple disconnection.
To life.
To nature.
To what we are doing.
And mostly to ourselves and one another.
Disconnection is the opposite of love and life.

We believe in connectedness.
And that this inner connection is guiding us.
Towards the best in us.
Towards trusting ourselves.
And stand up for our truth.
Stand straight and proud of who we are and how we act.
Without fear.

We believe in creation.
In the New.
That we have the power and wisdom
to go in a New energy of unity.
On and with our planet.
All beings.
The universe.
Without fear.

This is our statement.
This is what we are living at Terra Selvatica.
A holistic view of LIFE.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]